Streets May Be ICY

ICY being an acronym for Inner City Youth is a caution sign. A constant reminder to our future, the younger generation, that the Streets May Be ICY so don’t slip and fall victim. The founder Cash came up with the coined phrase during his childhood in Philadelphia. He experienced growing up without his father who was murdered when he was just a toddler. Early on he knew all too well what it was like to not have a positive male figure to look to. He wanted to break the cycle and get his message out. He paid attention to the signs and established Streets May Be Icy in 2006. At the time it was just an idea that turned into a single t shirt. That one t-shirt turned into a whole brand and eventually became a household name. The logo was so eye capturing it quickly grew legs and did its own footwork. It was not only respected and appreciated in the inner cities all across the country. It was even supported and sported internationally as well, by all walks of life. Streets May Be ICY #dontslip

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Through out the past 15 years Cash has exercised

His message and mission to break the cycle by working with various youth groups. Being a proud sponsor in summer league basketball in Philly. Also running a basketball program in his neighborhood during the winter! Coach Cash is what they call him! Delegating and coaching ages ranging from 8-16. On numerous Occasions he has spoke with young boys in the juvenile detention center in Lima, Pa with the non profit group Father’s Lead. Through that connection he briefly worked with a now discontinued youth group downtown Philly, Strive International. That organizations whole purpose was to help children after they are released from juvenile facilities and try to build them up in hopes it would prevent them from recidivism.